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Aamir's Satyamev Jayate: doctors demand apology, others support him

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Sat Jun 02 03:28:07 UTC 2012

Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayate is in limelight. Doctors have demanded an apology from Aamir, but others are supporting him. Here is a response from a reader named Rohan in support of the show

First of all, the show is not at all biased. The show simply focuses on the bad apples, while admitting that there many more good apples too. I think it?s your guilty conscience that?s hurting.

Yes your profession was chosen and that's because unfortunately we stupid Indians treat "the no-good doctors" like Gods. We cannot doubt their judgement and many a times doctors take advantage of that. Bloody, they don?t even talk to you properly. It?s as if they are not taking any money and are doing a favor on us.

If you really want to make a lot of money, then don?t become doctors. You make a joke out of this profession. It?s supposed to be a noble profession and not a gold mine for cheaters. I absolutely abhor doctors who are there to only make money. Like saints, politicians, et al doctors too should be dedicated to public welfare. But unfortunately, like saints, politicians, et al they only think about personal welfare. And I speak from experience, I have had a spinal fracture and I have been through hell with doctors.

You say there were no victims? Did you see the first 15 minutes of the show? Other professions are not clean, but they are also not our priority like health. You fail to realize that even after all this cribbing, a common man has more regards for doctor, than a lawyer, CA, engineer, etc.

Who says doctors should not make money? But don?t make money at the cost of someone?s life. And that?s exactly what show said. I could understand that. Being a common man, I got the message loud and clear that not all doctors are bad. But you wouldn?t get it. Mand buddhi and guilty conscience.
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