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Shahrukh wishes freedom for women on I-Day

Keywords: Shahrukh Khan  
Fri Aug 17 07:48:14 UTC 2012

"Freedom to me means to have own thoughts and belief. From the world of news I hear every day about women not being treated properly. I want women to be free and given equal opportunity like men, even in terms of education,"

Shahrukh told reporters on Tuesday evening at an event.

?I think people should start thinking big...women should be given more freedom without harming the culture and ideologies. I wish a happy and free life for women," the actor said.

Talking about being secular, Shahrukh said, "India is the most diverse country so I feel it should be free from non-secular thoughts. I want people to have a secular approach."

"Also I wish the country should prosper in sports, economy and every other aspect," he added.

Meanwhile, when asked to comment on friend-turned-foe Salman Khan's most talked about film 'Ek Tha Tiger', Shahrukh seemed a little irritated.

"I wish the film all the best," he said adding that "are you happy and satisfied now with my answer?"
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