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Poonam pandey's sexy bath video a hit on youtube

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Fri Oct 14 14:11:20 UTC 2011

Poonam Pandey just cannot stay out of news. After making headlines for promising to strip for the Indian cricket team, she is back with a raunchy and provocative video of her bathing in a two piece bikini that is an instant hit on the internet.

The nearly four-minute-long YouTube video posted on her website http://www.poonampandey.co.in shows her in a low slung white bikini standing inside a bath tub, posing with a hand shower. YouTube has flagged the video as age-restricted in accordance with its community guidelines.

"It Waz Just the Trailer.. Belive me its gonna get Hot, Hotter & Hottest .. Thats a Promise to the World.. Coming soon the Next Trailer Video. Due to Heavy Traffic on my website it got Crashed Last Night, it Showz ur Love towards me from all Round the World .. :) Luv u all Muwaaah!" Pandey posted from the Twitter handle @iPoonampandey
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