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Is it real? Ash+Abhishek

Keywords: Aishwarya Rai   Abhishek Bachchan  
Tue Jan 31 08:14:55 UTC 2006

What started off as a rumour has ballooned into a full fledged industry with the media and Bollywood itself going ga-ga over the affair of the heart between Aiswariya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.
In a story first broken by bollywoodabc.com the affair has now turned into 'impending nuptials' creating a flutter in teenage hearts and more than that sent cash registers ringing in the minds of media managers, media and corporate czars and everyone in between who sells or will be selling products plugged by the duo.
From every angle the coming together of the country's most saleable faces is a profit-making opportunity. Consider history for a moment. The Salman-Ash partnership brought a load of controversies along with it that kept both of them in the limelight, but did not really sell products, from Coke to diamonds. The Ash-Vivek pairing was much better and it ensured the making of the kinds of mushy-mushy ads that went well with the people and sold like mad whatever was hocked.
But as the months turned into years, the Jodi No. 1 in films and modeldom started jarring and the returns were not exactly what the scriptwriters had imagined.
Get into today's world. From the rickshaw wallahs to the kings of India Inc will tell you that the previous two pairings were just chickenfeed in comparison to what can be generated by Little B and Ash together. And, if the love affair is given greater visibility by the two in form of greater physical togetherness in public, the cash registers will be
ringing 24/7!
With rumours running rife that the actress takes a couple of crores for a shot of her for a project, the new love affair will definitely add a zero or two to that figure.
But that is Ash' side of the story. Big B's tall and strapping offspring has worked himself into the mainstream of Bollywood success, after a poor start, and he can now bleed the business for all its worth.
Pretty soon, more like here and now, the moolah that they will be raking in will be equivalent to that of Amitabh Bachchan himself, if not more. Considering that he is the unrivalled master of all that he surveys straddling the worlds of movies, modelling and advertisements that is nothing to sneeze at. So, expect a blizard of promotion of the two in the national and international media.
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